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Ethan's Journal Below are 10 entries, after skipping 10 most recent ones in the "Ethan Staghorn" journal:

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April 27th, 2011
09:57 am


Anthrocon 2011
Yes; it's official: I'll be at AC again this year. I had a total blast previous years, and wouldn't miss it for the world!

This time I'm also bringing my local furry friend physicsfox (more active as Joel_Fox on FA). He's an MSc student at the same university where I'm currently working, and an all around nice guy.

In keeping with tradition, I'm still trying to figure out accommodation at the con. XP I'm currently in negotiations for a room on the nights between Thursday and Sunday, but will definitely need some other place to stay on the final night Sunday–Monday. If you're interested in two well-behaved roommates (absolutely no alcohol, drugs, smoking, or sex), look no further! Instead, simply drop me a line on my regular GMail address. Edit: Room found; thanks for reading everyone!

Also, if you specifically would like to meet up at the con, e-mail me as above, and I'm sure something can be arranged. ^^ (Phillyfurs will have the option of catching up before or after the con too.)

I hope to see you all there! Raise a paw if you're going! :)


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January 25th, 2011
07:39 pm


My 2011 adventure begins here
2011 promises to be an exciting year indeed. Well, at least it does for me. :) In fact, the exciting part started already last week, when I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where I will be living and working until early June!

Yes, you read that right. Yes, it is very far away, unless you are an NZFurry. (If you are, brace yourself, since it is not unlikely that we will meet in the coming months! :) However, it is just three time zones away from my buddies on the US/Canadian West Coast, and six hours' time difference from EST.

Of course, those of you left at home shouldn't feel safe just because I'm not around. :P I'm coming back shortly after AC, which is a mere six months from now.

Apart from all the new people I will meet and the new places I will see, I'm particularly looking forward to the work I will do here in Wellington. I've gotten more freedom to work on my own research ideas now than ever before, which is very stimulating. With a little luck, I will both gain interesting friends and produce exciting research while I'm here! And by "interesting friends," I really mean furries. ^^

Stay fluffy everyone!

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October 22nd, 2010
09:28 am


Weather report
Oh no.

It's snowing out. In fact, it's closer to a blizzard.

Hello winter... T.T

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Edit 09:11 UTC: At least it stopped snowing now.

Edit 14:52 UTC: Whaddya Know, the foul weather passed, and it turned into a really nice winter's day in the end. :D

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October 8th, 2010
10:45 pm


Furr: a song for you and me
One or two autumns ago, I caught a song on Radio Paradise called "Furr" by Blitzen Trapper, and it really struck a chord with me. While I much enjoyed the melody and instrumentation, what truly drew me in were the lyrics—a well-crafted and positive tale of lycanthropy and animalistic yearnings. I felt, and feel, that this song should resonate with a lot of other hearts and minds in the furry community as well.

Being an avid consumer of on-line furry content and discourse, I am surprised to say that I have not seen any references to the piece within the community either before or since. Doubly so, given that the song has won quite some acclaim in music circles. This post is my attempt to rectify the disparity.

Why don't you give it a listen?

If you would like some commentary to complement the lyrics, several pieces of thoughtful analysis may be found on songmeanings.net. Regrettably, that site has devolved into a hive of pop-ups and web villainy in recent years—a shame on such great content. It is therefore recommended you arm your pop-up blockers and inoculate yourselves with some competent virus and malware protection before delving into the discussion.

I hope you like this as much as I do. Stay furry, my friends, and don't be afraid of what you've learned! :)

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July 19th, 2010
11:26 pm


AC sketchbook commissions uploaded to FA
I'm done cleaning up and uploading all the commissions I got at Anthrocon 2010 for my brand new music sketchbook, where each art piece illustrates a song lyric. Come look, and come listen! :)

Natalie Merchant - Motherland
Matthew Ryan - Dulce et Decorum est
Elliott Smith - Angeles

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July 16th, 2010
09:39 am


In order to post inane 140 character quips into the ether, and to keep up with the latest in IT-induced ADD, I am now @staghorne on Twitter. Come follow me there as well!

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July 15th, 2010
09:36 pm


Brief public announcement
Hello LJ-land. Here are two announcements for your information:
  1. I am back in Europe safe and sound. Actually, I came back two weeks ago or so.
  2. I can now definitely confirm I will not be at EF this year. As I suspected, the clash with my work meeting cannot be worked around. Have fun without me and hope to see you next year!

That is all for now! Take care, everyfur!

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June 22nd, 2010
08:12 pm


AC bound
This will be my final post before Anthrocon. In two hours or so I leave for Pittsburgh together with giza. I will be staying with him in the Westin the first two nights, after which I move to the Omni to room with Mountainafox.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me at the con, telephony is your best bet. My (new) US cell phone number [Edit 2010-07-15: number no longer works]. Notice the connection to James Bond at the end. :) I've got unlimited texting, so spam away!

See you at the con, fuzzballs! Have a great time!

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June 16th, 2010
12:54 pm


Blastoff in T plus three hours
By now, I should really be on an airplane bound for New York. However, there's been a slight delay (see title :), giving me time to write this.

Basically, I've been pretty busy with work stuff during the last month or so. Now, finally, it is time for this year's American adventure, involving (hopefully) heaps of furry fun.

In brief, my US tour schedule is as follows
  1. Stop by dad in NYC until Friday June 18
  2. Visit leopardude giza in Philadelphia Saturday June 19 to Tuesday June 22
  3. Attend Anthrocon from Wednesday June 23 to Monday June 28
  4. Tourist around the Philadelphia area with Pinky fennec between Tuesday June 29 to Thursday July 1.
  5. Return to New York for additional tourism Friday July 2 until Wednesday July 6

Drop me a line if you're interested in meeting up anywhere along the way. Don't be shy!

Catch you later everyone; the flight beckons! :)

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April 25th, 2010
12:29 am


Comic convention
Phew! I'm back and recovering from a full day at the local comic convention with fellow furry physicsfox.

What a day! I had a total blast. physicsfox was a most excellent guide and a veritable treasure trove of knowledge on comics, as well as virtually any other topic imaginable :). Seriously, he is awesome. If you need more proof, he also gave me a super adorable fox plushie!! <33 So sweet of him! That little foxie is definitely going to join me at Anthrocon, since the gift-giver himself cannot.

By now, I've sorted through the sack(s) of loot I've dragged home. Contents include a sizable pile of fanzines—a substantial fraction featuring animal people, of course—two sketchbooks, various business cards and flyers, some tiny art prints, several pins, and a postcard. Many of the artists signed their work, some even with a doodle. We also stopped by the comics section of the nearby library to pick up a wide selection of goodies, including Grandville, Blacksad, Three Fingers, and Transmetropolitan. In addition, we attended an interesting session with comics drawn to live music and caught a showing of the controversial (read violent) movie Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. The latter was screened as an inspiration of Bryan Talbot, though it seemed more like a 1974 variation of Quentin Tarantino to me.

Aside from the plushie, the comics, and all the fun times hanging out, I gained an impression of the local comics community, and managed to meet and chat a little with a couple of other furry or furry-friendly locals, including alitna, Hedvig, and Otyget/Olivia. Props also go to the gals at Nosebleed Studio for being cute as buttons selling cute buttons and winning my most-hilarious-table-to-chat-with award! A sample conversation from the Nosebleed people regarding the print on my t-shirt:
"It looks like the bear is rocking out hard."
"Yeah, head bangin' and air-guitarin'..."
"The deer is definitely dancing to some pop."
"I wonder what the wolf listens to?"
"Maybe hip-hop. Kinda looks that way, doesn't it?"
"That, or salsa."

Next up: fursuiting with physicsfox, possibly as early as next weekend. I'm so excited I can hardly wait! ^^

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