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Ethan's Journal

Ethan Staghorn
Hi there web wanderer!

You've reached the journal of Ethan Staghorn the white-tailed deer! Pleased to meet you! My fursuit Jake Greystripe the black-backed jackal is also very happy to see you, as my usericon shows!

About Me: As you might have guessed already, I am a furry fan. Although I have been interested in furries since the year 2000, it was not until the year 2007 that I (very slowly) began to make my way into the fandom. I got my fursuit in 2009, and since 2013 I also help out organizing the furry convention NordicFuzzCon (NFC) as a way of giving something back to the community. For my day job I work as a research fellow in signal processing—yay science! If you wish to know more about me and what I enjoy, I suggest you check out my interests listed above.

About This Journal: The main purpose of this journal is social; it acts as one of my main web presences and allows me to interact and get more involved with the fandom. Unfortunately, my previous efforts to post actual journal entries and semi-regular life updates have slowed substantially in recent years. Expect postings to be sporadic and often cease completely for extended periods of time.

About My Friends List: I use the friends list here primarily to collect the furblogs I read or otherwise consider interesting in one convenient spot, and not necessarily as a list of "friends" or "people I know." If I've friended you for whatever reason, it goes without saying that there is absolutely no need for you to friend me back!

Contact Info: To get in touch with me outside this journal you can try Gmail; my username there is staghorne, same as here. I also have a Twitter account and a Skype account under the same username. I sometimes chat through Gmail or on Skype, but my online presence is fairly irregular. Due to the constraints of work I am somewhat more likely to be online and socially active on the web during weekends.

Other Web Accounts: Together with my Fur Affinity page, this LiveJournal is my main social hub. I also have accounts over on Twitter, YouTube, the ukFur Boards, Svenska tassar, the NFC forums, Furlife, Flickr, deviantArt, the Anthrocon forums, PA Furries, 43 Things, and WikiFur. Jake has his own place over at Fursuit DB.

We come for the animals, but we stay for the people. (Me on the furry fandom)
It is rare to regret the things you chose to do. What we regret in life are the things we did not do. (Wisdom from my father)
  Staghorn's corollary: To minimize regret, be active and do as much stuff as possible!
Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around. (Originally from Vanilla Sky, this version snipped from calorath's bio)

PS: Yes, I now know that antlers technically do not count as horns! }:*) On the other hand, it appears that even biologists—botanists in particular—sometimes get it wrong.

Last updated 2014-04-20 (refreshed with new developments since 2010).
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